Who is a Winner?

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Are you winning or losing?
You’ve heard the word Winner many times.
Everybody wants to win not lose.
But who is a winner!
Permit me to introduce you to a winner.
A winner is that one who decided to take the road less traveled.
A winner rises above his pain and burn the bridges behind him.
These are the qualities of a winner not a loser.
All prices paid.
Winners are good leaders, with a great sense of responsibility.
Winners are risk-takers. They’re ready and willing to try new things, and will usually lead the pack in breaking new ground.
They’re flexible and adaptable
Yes! Mistakes will definitely show up along the way but you know what winners do? They learn from their mistakes. They don’t dwell on their mistakes, as many do, but rather, they find ways to make sure the mistakes aren’t repeated.
They think big, set big goals, and focus on achieving their goals.
They spend free time reading up on things that will move them forward in their professional and personal lives.
Some describe winners as having intensity, hustle, energy and passion.
Winners focus and finish, they always complete the mission no matter what.
Our world is in short supply of winners, we need more winners.
Upon your shoulders rest the responsibility to win.
The question is, are you ready to accept this challenge?
I know the answer is yes!
Yes! You can and Yes! You will


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