We need you! You are Important

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Hi beloved. ❤
I’ve been wanting to tell you this.
There’s something about you that is not out there in the world.
There’s a book only you can write.
There’s a song only you can compose.
There’s an invention only you can birth
There’s a solution only you can create.
There’s a movement and a team only you can lead.
There’s a problem only you can solve.
There are things out there and around you that won’t get fixed and changed until you rise and go do what you’ve been created to do.
The time has come for you to be you! Beloved, you can’t be someone else, we don’t need that. We need you!
It’s you, the real you or nothing.
So, what’s it going to be dear, how long do we have to wait!
This is a call and a reminder that this generation needs you. You are that important my dear.


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