Spoken Words: Humanity beyond Religion

Rebecca Ayeni
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Oh! That the blind may see
Beyond diversity
The very essence of Humanity
And stop being ruled by insanity
Fighting for a god like he truly sends?

Isn’t a god supposed to be sufficient in himself?
To fight for himself?
Defend himself?
If he can’t, what difference does he make from man—You and I, why esteem him.

Maybe we are too soaked in naivety
Or just so veiled to see
How that a true God regards Humanity.
We—a perfect expression of his creativity
Just if we could see clearer
Maybe, we will spare ourselves the extremism and for once value brotherhood
Loving over difference.


Hope our heart be receptive
We won’t always agree to the same thing
Yes, Faith or Beliefs
Values or Principles we hold we differ
An undeniable fact remains still,
We all are Humanity in all of our diversities


And so embracing our diversities
Respecting our differences
If there is anything to be extreme about or a way to show allegiance to the god we claim to serve
It is the love towards our brother
For if we extremely love the god we claim to serve
We will love his creature.


Crime, murder
War, blood
Shackles, chains for religious sake
More and more we put to stake.
Turmoil, anger
Hatred, pain
More bitterness
No! These woes must stop!
We’ve got to take back our sanity from religion.


And so, in the spirit of Humanity
In the voice of those who by these woes have gone to the grave beyond
I stand tall
With my voice raised
I say No! To religious extremism, fanatism and sadism.
Humanity first.
Love above all.
Towards one another
Regardless of tradition or tribe
Religion or even race.

© Rebecca Ayeni