There’s a miracle in you. Explore it !!!

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  In every individual lies a hidden treasure that needs hardwork and sweat determination to be able to shovel and dig deep to get an inestimable jewel.

No one is a failure or mediocre. What you believe to be is what you will be so think positively always to yourself.

The miracle in you is what you need to let the world testify, so explore it!

Your talent, skill and competence will move you to a peak of greatness. Fine, you have a nice voice and you can sing. Sing and move everyone to a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Be another CeCe Winans.

Write to stir away people’s sorrow to estacy. Write to change destinies positively. Write to save someone who is dying. Write to move the world. You can also be a William Shakespeare.

Speak to people. Let your words edify them. Speak to awake their slumber. Move the world to a sense when you speak.

Whatever ( good things) your hands finds to do,do it with all thy might says the Holy Book.

Whatever the talent or skill you have,explore it . The World is waiting to hear you, friend.

Once again, there’s a miracle in you, explore it!!!




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