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Hello, Right Fam.
It’s a beautiful and sunny day on this side of the country, in Kwara State.
I have a special message for you today.
A message for two categories of people.
To begin with, I have a message for someone who feels excluded or marginalized, and thereafter, for the busy world.

My Dear,
Do you feel alone and it’s like no one is paying attention to you?
Are you feeling left out? Or do you feel people don’t ask after you or show up for you?
You’re not the problem.
The world is busy.
It’s busy chasing after dreams, careers, money, love, recognition, and good health.
Everyone has a desire.
Everyone has pressing issues.
I know what it feels like to have your voice silenced in a noisy world.
I know how it feels like nothing you do is amounting to anything.
My dear, don’t get distracted. Keep doing what you love doing. Do things that keep your mind focused. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Don’t feel neglected. Be on your toes. Live your dreams. Don’t give in to depression.
Be yourself.
The world will always be busy.
The world will never wait for anyone.
Not for me and not for you!

To the busy world (and everyone in it)
Here is a message for you.
I know you are busy. I know you want to pursue those dreams, the vision, the money, and careers. I know you work 12 hours a day just to put food on the table.
I know there are pressing issues that keep you busy.
But what if you could spare someone at least 5 minutes of your time?
Sometimes, it only takes five minutes to spread hope and demonstrate concern.
Can you check in on that guy you haven’t heard from in months, if not years?
I know you are busy, but people matter.
In a few years’ time, when you are old, all you have achieved might not matter anymore. What you will have left is the people around you.
Those whose lives you have touched positively.
As you get busy, don’t forget to help a soul.
Don’t wait for someone to write, “I am depressed and I want to commit suicide” before you take action.
Appreciate the good work of others. Be involved in their stories.
I know you want to make this busy world a better place.
This is how to get started.
I love you and I delight in you.


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