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Why angry with life when it’s all clear that the nature of life is unpredictable.
Why hate on people when you know that the nature of man is both good and evil.
Why blame yourself for the past setback and failure when you are fully aware that a smooth sail doesn’t make a skillful sailor and that failure was an opportunity to test out a formula that turned out invalid, preventing you from doing the wrongs again the next time.
Why go through shortcuts to success when it’s clear that the road to success was never made to be cut, short, or easy.
Why blame the government, your pop or mum, your friends, or partner for life being unfair when we both know that the world was created to end, and it’s only those who live out all of their potentials to positively affect lives are the true heroes.
Why fear when you can plan, pray, break through boundaries, and live a life without limitations.
Why the anxiety, worry and depression when you can go to war against the inner conversation, the voices that are always telling you all sort of negative things just to make you believe you’re never going to make it that big as visioned.
Why sit back and give up when you can jump back up and say “it’s not over until I win”.
Why let go of your dreams, hopes and aspiration when you can hold on to them, taking calculated risks, and moving one step at a time, no rush.
Why the suicidal thoughts when you can go out there to pay the price for your victory through consistent hard work, knowing that the greatest revenge is to make it. Succeed! That’s the only way to prove life wrong of the opinions and mindset it has concerning you.
Why run when it’s painful, remember! pain is temporal and pride is eternal.
Why read this alone when you can share it to a soul out there in the universe.
Save a soul!
It’s more than a whisper.



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