The Reality of People Living with Disability

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There was a particular day I thought about my life and I started weeping.
One of the easiest paths to depression is loneliness. I was depressed because I isolated myself.
I was lonely and different thoughts started flying into my mind.
Why is my life like this?
Am I supposed to be suffering, I thought everything should be on a platter of gold for me.
Why me?
“No one wants to talk to me because I am with a reproach,” I thought
The people I thought would help me turned their back on me, I am helpless.
That day I cried my eyes out and I had no one to console me. Later, I encourage myself and move on with life.
As a lady with a disability, there are times I will think about everything, I mean everything; it is the same thing with people without disabilities, and in some cases, it will lead to depression.
One of the challenges most people with disabilities encounter is loneliness, especially when you are in the midst of a group of people and you can’t do what they are doing.
People living with disability tend to experience loneliness because they may feel they do not belong to some groups especially GIRLS
I had many experiences that have led to loneliness and isolation from others. While I was young, one of the experiences that brought loneliness to me most is inter-house sports adventure. How I wish I can run, jump, march and partake in the activities embedded in the event.
It’s not as if I can’t do some of the activities but who will allow me to participate, I guess no one.
I experienced loneliness at its peak. In some cases, another challenge I faced that led to loneliness was that I didn’t want to associate with people; I experienced that at its peak when I gained admission(my 100 Level days were messed up).
It’s not as if people do not want to associate with me but I just do feel like I can’t belong and I don’t want to cross my boundaries
Loneliness causes people to feel empty, alone, and unwanted. Girls with a disability will always want to isolate themselves because they don’t want to cross their boundaries.
My advice to any girl with a disability is👇
As a lady with a disability, Start doing things you love that give you joy, making connections with others. By doing so, you will feel less lonely.
To our guidance please 🙏 Let also make an effort to always cheer and make anyone with a disability around you happy. Happiness is free truly BUT you can help a soul from depression.
There are times we pass through a tunnel but the end thereof is light coupled with happiness and joy. Therefore, don’t be depressed, everything will be fine.
I believe you are blessed; Remain blessed
Thanks for reading 🙏
My life remains a channel of blessings and inspiration


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