Patience: a must have to lead a better life.

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A popular African adage says” The patient dog eat the fastest bone”. This is to show you that patience is very important in life cause it will save you a lot of disaster. Impatience will ruin a whole life.

It’s an ability of not being troubled by life challenges, delays and other undesirable events.

In the midst of disappointment, you have to maintain stillness.

One thing you don’t know is that, patience helps you to have a peace of mind to guide yourself out of challenges.

You need to see those moments of situations as a self reflection for opportunities to strengthen yourself in self control.

Sometimes, your loved ones and those you care for may let you down or irritate you. Be patient with them, be kind and show love because patience is an expression of love.

It preserves relationship with others.

Offences are bound to happen but patience makes you calm and maintain peace. It will suppress anger.

To achieve your dreams, you must have the zeal to overcome blockages through patience.

With patience you can avoid making hasty decisions that can set aflame all you laboured.

Don’t be in rush to make things work. Relax and calm down.

Patience gives you an inner peace, it assures you that everything will be okay.

Patience exercise your faith. Makes you see things not yet seen.

It’s a skill you have to learn and practice.

John Kabat Zinn says

Patience is a form of wisdom. It shows that we understand and accept the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time.


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