“MY PAINS” Series 6

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I am a doctor in my country, everybody knows me well if you look me up and down you will know that is true.

(chorus) sandalili sandalili……🎼🎵🥁

Even though I couldn’t help but laugh when I discovered the real lines of the song that we spent our school days singing and listening to “sandalilii sandalili sandalili sandalili ” actually meant standard living. Well, that is not where I am going.

Hearing that song we all know it is the end of a year session party.

As we all know the end of the year session is a time to merry, dance, and clap because of the various activities that it encompasses like Orin Ibile, Orin Ibadan, choreography, etc.

Yes! There was this particular end-of-the-year party (precisely the primary one). We have prepared before the D-day. All activities and practices have been duly observed and the ones I felt I can’t do, I don’t bother joining the practice.

On that faithful day along the process of performing on stage(singing songs), maybe the parents are not spending to the satisfaction of my proprietor or aunty in charge.

Gbam! Aunty in charge sneaked in another song that is irrelevant to our practiced songs like “Ole Pami layo” and as we all know that the song requires all participants to bend down.

Oh my God! I was the only person who can’t bend down because of my crutches but was dancing to the beat of the drum(so painful and unexpected)

Hmmm! shout out to those wonderful parents that came out to spray me money even when others have already bent down and I am the only girl standing😊

Can you feel my pain? It’s not my fault neither is it aunty’s fault BUT what will be will surely be.

It was a wonderful experience though it’s a bit painful

But wait!!!!

Why do you think those parents came out to spray me money; They did that to encourage me and to lift my spirit. Their act made me not feel less of myself or think that I didn’t belong to the fold.

As time goes on, it became my thing, that if such an occurrence happens again in any end-of-the-year party performance. I don’t feel the pain again because 👇

My life now become a reflection of the endless amount of ability that exists in every one of my mates at that time because I see no disability.

To my audience 🤔
Are you still seeing yourself as a person with a disability? Oh! No.

Dear beloved, Remember me in the above story, how God helped me not to see any DIS in my ABILITY, in the first instance for me to join others in practice,talkless of joining the performance on the D- day.

It was possible for me because I believe “I CAN” the same way “YOU CAN”. Please don’t limit yourself because I believe “YOU CAN”

I know you are not disabled but do you believe you CAN do that thing that seems to be difficult or impossible. Just believe you CAN and you WILL through the help of God.

My belief is “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”; What about you?

I hope this piece has blessed you.

This will be the last series of “MY PAINS” expect the full gist later🥰🥰🥰

To my wonderful audience, I want to say a very big “Thank You” to you all for the engagement, prayers, and the encouraging words. You all have a special place in my heart❤😍🥰 Thank you so much.

Remain blessed.


©Akanni Oluwatoyin Aduragbemi


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