“MY PAINS” series 5

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Guess what could be the next experience in this series.
Yeah! Another challenge I experienced is “I was deprived of my right” because of my condition. Ask how?

Hmmm! Beautiful experience in my primary school days

Gbagan! Gbagan! Gbagan! (the bell rang) Break time!!!! Timekeeper shouted.

Hurray!!!!!!! Jubilation began in various classes because break time is a period to eat and play for every student in any school irrespective of the categorized school.

(In my class) Immediately after the timekeeper rang the bell, Some of my classmates would have run out to secure their place on the playground equipment like swings, spring riders, slides, etc, without even remembering eating first.

On the other hand, after I might have finished eating, I would also like to play on the playground equipment but guess what?

It’s a No, because I am not permitted to play on any of it with the view of “her condition” from my proprietor and the teachers.

Oh my God, come and see the joy on other students’ faces as they are playing on the equipment but on my side, I will now be watching others, seeing how happier they were riding on the playground equipment.

I was deprived of my right because of the so-called reason “her condition”

At that point, I was not happy because of my condition; I wish I wasn’t in the state.

Sometimes i secretly went to the playground to play with the swings and all after I might have checked properly if my proprietor or any teacher is not around to flog me.

If my proprietor catches me eeh!

Whenever he caught me on any of the equipment “Oluwatoyin gets down now” will be the word I will hear (the words that came with authority plus mixed feelings for me). He always does that because he doesn’t want me to fall as a result of the feeling (dizziness) that follows playing on the equipment.

(smiles) Hmmm! so those experiences are now stories.

All glory to God for making me scaled through all the heartbreaking experience that comes with the hash tag “her condition”.

To my audience
Are you someone like me or your disability is different from mine, and you are being deprived of your right, then you need to read this👇

No matter the restrictions that come as a result of your state, ” Do not give room for depression or look down on yourself”. If it is something you can do and it will not cause harm to you, then, you can give it a “TRIAL” just to prove that ” there is ability in your inability”

But if on the other hand, it will affect you, then leave such a thing and do not despise those people that thought you cannot do the thing. Try as much as possible to view from their angle; they love you and do not want any harm to you.

In my case, my proprietor loves me and he did not want me to fall; But on my side, I count it as “Deprivation”.

Are you the one that was deprived of your right, not because you are disabled but the reason is unknown to you?

I stand to tell you, that everything will work together for your good because I know God is at work to bless you. Therefore “Don’t give up”

I hope this piece has blessed you.

Remain blessed.


©Akanni Oluwatoyin Aduragbemi


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