“MY PAINS” Series 4

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I welcome you all back to the series of my pains

Another challenge that I experienced when I was young was a lack of association in school.

Who will want to associate with a girl with one leg?

I guess nobody.

I will always receive glances, staring, and amazing looks from my classmates.

“Sade look at her, she doesn’t have two legs,” Bola said.

“Yes, she is different from us; in fact, I can’t make friends with her,” Sade said.

During that period, I became lonely because no one want to be my friend but guess what? I don’t care.

Whenever anyone is staring at me; the following questions will come out of my mouth to the person 👇

What are you staring at?

Is this the first time you are seeing me? OR did I poo for my body?

After asking the above questions, my mates especially those that are my gender will get no choice but to shift their gaze away from me.

Before I knew what was happening I started having friends even though some still segregated themselves but I never feel lonely again.

Is that not wonderful?

I don’t know where the confidence and courage came from but I choose never to be bothered because I didn’t see anything wrong with my physical well-being.

With the help of God, I choose not to be worried.

To my audience
Are you been segregated because of your disability and you have no one to encourage you; Here are my words of encouragement to you👇

Dear beloved, Hard things are put in our ways, not to stop us, but to call out our courage. Therefore, Don’t mind anyone that looks down or talks down at you because of your state but rather “be courageous”.

Dear readers, are you in a situation whereby you are being humiliated not because you are disabled but because of your background or status?

My words of encouragement are “Never think less of yourself; aspire to achieve your set goals”. Before you know it, things will begin to fall into pleasant places for you. Dream big!!!!!

I believed this piece has blessed you.

Remain blessed.


©Akanni Oluwatoyin Aduragbemi


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