“MY PAINS” Series 3

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Have you ever seen someone using crutches before?

Oh, my God! It is not an easy experience at all.

Chai, when I was young I do use woody crutches.

The fact about me using crutches (either woody, iron, or aluminum) is that my crutches will always falls into any of the three state listed below, coupled with their respective effect.

1. It’s either the crutches are taller than I am; then I will have to stretch myself to the height of the crutches, with the pains. Oh, It wasn’t always convenient for me.

2. When the crutch is at the same height as mine; That one is the best.

3. The third effect happened as a result of consistent usage of the crutches, which result in the wear out of the crutch’s height from the downward part, making it shorter. The effect is always horrible because I will always bend to walk.

Back to my discussion
At that time, being very young; so my crutches fell into the first category.

(Smile) I could not stretch myself to the height of the crutches because my crutches were far taller than I’m.

I will now be walking and my crutches will now be beating themselves on my head plus making sounds after me, the sound was kind of irritating for some period, but I blend to the sound as time goes on.

I can’t walk and people will not know it’s me coming.

Mind you, with that two crutches, I will still carry my basket whenever I’m going to school.

I know you will be wondering about how possible is that right?

It was possible because God helped me and I choose to make it work.

The experience wasn’t palatable at all but I choose to carry my cross with joy to the extent that I forgot the pain; I do not see those crutches again, all I was seeing is me walking without any help.

To my audience
Have you realized carrying your cross with joy or you are still the type that murmurs? Haba! don’t be an ingrate.

Learn to look beyond that your pains; I know how it feels to always move about with a wheelchair, sticks as guide, crutches, etc. but in it all, learn to be grateful.

You are not alone, hun!

To our parents, guidances and loved ones that have anybody with a disability. Have you learned to help them with joy or you’ve neglected them? When you help them, you are lifting their souls; trust me, they will look beyond their pains.

You may not have any disabled person around but in that situation you are in currently, are you carrying your cross with joy?

Learn to see and live beyond your pain

I know you’ve learnt one or two things in this series, Don’t forget to share with me in the comment section👇


©Akanni Oluwatoyin Aduragbemi


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