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I welcome you all to this wonderful series💖😊

Yes! back to the business of the day.

What are my challenges as a lady with a disability?

I will be sharing with you another one out of my challenges. Stay tune!

Another painful experience I encountered was people calling me names that I don’t bears.

It’s saddens, heartbreak, and weakens me whenever I am tagged with the name “Elese kan”.

Oh my goodness! I hate those words. Anytime, anybody calls me that name I will always be crying sometimes physically or weeping emotionally.

Who are the people that do call me this name?

They are small kids and my mates then.

Can you imagine? See, how childish I was then; That was how powerful those words are.

While on the other hand, whenever some children call me that name in front of their parents, their mothers will shun them and rebuke such children even in my presence.

Do you know why these children will always call me that name? It was because they are surprised, amazed and curious of why I was in that form and not like them.

In fact during that time, whenever any child calls me that name I will run to my mummy; asking her why I am different, telling her the name I was called with.

My mummy will be like don’t mind her/him. You’re not “Elese kan”. My mummy was my comforter then.

Anytime any child was opportuned to call me that name in the front of my elder brother. Oh, my God; he will beat the hell out of that particular child and chase such child away; Then, my joy will be full (I will be nodding my head with smile all over my face).

See how childish I and my brother was then🙈

But I want you to learn some things from this series

💧 Train up your child to always tame their tongue.

💧 Do you learn from my mummy acts then, now imagine if she has hated me or ignored me, will I be where I am today? No.

Therefore, do not despise any disabled beside you. They want to confide in you but the question is ” Are you approachable? Ask yourself.

Less I forget don’t ever call anybody names like Aro, Afoju, Odi, Abirun, Ode, Dindinrin, etc. Those names are heartbreaking.

In case you don’t know, it may lead to the death of any person with a disability who doesn’t see hope in his or herself with the mindset of I’m tired of this life ” let me Kuku end it here”.

We can’t count the number of people that are died due to people calling them names they don’t bear. They are uncountable!

Hope you’ve learned something from this series? If YES tell me in the comments section👇

Remain Blessed


©Akanni Oluwatoyin Aduragbemi


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