“MY PAINS” Series 1

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“How I wish I am not in this state,” I thought when I was young.
One major problem that affected me most when I was young even till I gained admission was “Timidity”
I am always ashamed of myself.
I do separate myself from people because I see myself as a different personality from them.
My mummy is always there for me to cheer me up by telling me to join others even when I don’t want to.
To crown it all, some children will ran to my side, asking me “Where is your second leg”.
Can you imagine?
Some will move closer to where I was and bend down to the highest order just to look at my second leg.
Some children will always run away from me.
Amidst all of these challenges, My mummy will always console me not to cry whenever I shared my experience with her.
My mummy is my best friend then even till now.
She was there for me when I needed her most. She will always console me all day whenever I’m crying.
It wasn’t an easy task for her and me.
Look at me now🙈
I am stronger every day.
To my audience😍🥰
Are you having one challenge or the other? My candid advice for you is ” Never give up”
I understand your pain and how you feel but I want to tell you that you are not a mistake; It has pleased the Lord to make you who you are just to glorify Himself in your life.
Don’t give up hun!
You are loved💖
If no one else loves you “I Oluwatoyin loves you and I believe in your ability. You may need anyone to talk to, I am at your service at any time.
To my wonderful audience that has one disabled person in one way or the other beside them, please I am pleading with you🙏
Show them love and be their help when they need you most.
I know you’ve learnt one or two things in this series, Don’t forget to share with me in the comment section👇
©Akanni Oluwatoyin Aduragbemi

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  1. Victor

    This reality is different.


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