Make the world a better place.

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If you’ve been lost in the dark side of life before, you will understand what it mean to be sick of living a life without direction, purpose and without joy.

When you finally find yourself, you will never wish/want to go back to the things you left behind.

Found yourself? Please make sure the goal is to leave the world better than the way you met it.

There are people around you in need of someone to hold them by the hand and pull them out of darkness. You can look away or you can help them out before they completely lose themselves.

There are people held captive by depression, you can look away or save a soul.

There are people who are leading a live of disaster-waiting-to-happen because of wrong decisions, you can lend them your foresight or you can look away.

Some things in life won’t necessarily be your business until you get involved. To make the world a better place is also by speaking life, talking sense and making deliberate effort to better the life of someone out there.

A 5-minute talk or a content of 5-second/5 lines can save a soul.

If you must make the world a better place, start by putting smile on someone’s face.

Remember to see rightly, think rightly and act rightly.

Peace ♡

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