Let’s Talk about the 14th Day of February

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Beloved! Let’s talk about 14th of February.
The below text may make you laugh, stand as a caution, a reminder or make you think I’m self-centered.
Truth is that the purpose of this content is to make you laugh, make you remember say God dey watch you, make you learn and to remind you that we’re expecting our birthday Gift on the 14th of February ?.
Officially from the community of the February 14th born, are you aware that Kings, Queens, Men and Women with a different reality were born that same day.
If you have to celebrate anything, celebrate us, if not celebrate the grace of God.
Resultantly, you don’t have to get hooked, laid or chase after babe/sex. You can take it as a normal day, be yourself, be a good boy/man/girl/woman and wish us a Happy Birthday?.
Dey no dey tell guys these things for street.
Don’t be offended o.
How many Ears do you have? Meji (two) abi (right?)?
No talk say I no tell you o.
Read the below carefully.
“My babe don get belle” is different from “My wife is pregnant”
“I am pregnant for you” is different from “guess what! Honey.. We’re expecting a child”
We will not see evil o.?
How’s family? how’s life? How u dey?
I just dey waka pass


  1. Apata Joseph

    It’s an awesome write and this speaker is wonderful

    1. Israel Victor Babarinde

      Thank you so much. We love your reality


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