Let’s go on a Quest

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Let’s go on a quest for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of the present and the future. When you find these things, create space for them in your heart and keep them safe.
Look!The journey is tough now because you are in a fight for your future and you need to make Positive Decisions Daily, I mean decisions that will get you to where you want to be in 1,2,3,4,5,10 year(s) time and beyond.
Unfortunately, 90% of the people around you do not want you to be who you’re supposed to be. They are foes and supposed friends.
Listen!In order to be yourself in a world that wants you to be someone else, there’s a need to understand the concept of a meaningful and a purposeful life.
I need you to understand this; No matter how poor a person is, he/she is rich in/with the most valuable asset in life, this asset is Time. It is always renewed at every 23:59:59. 999 of everyday with a whole 86400 seconds free of charge. If you ask me what time mean to me, it is simply the Things I Must Experience and the Things I Must Endure.
When you wake up in the morning of a new day, there are two choices in front of you, one is Self Development and the other is Self Destruction. Self Development is hard while Self Destruction is easy.
Choose wisely. Remember! The choices we make today will eventually birth the future we seek or hate to see. It sure won’t take time to deliver. Life is a journey filled with joys, celebrations, special moments, also; heartaches, lessons, and hardship. Whichever side/stage of life you find yourself at any point in time, you must live (stay alive) and not leave(no to suicidal thoughts).
The journey of Life can be safer and smoother if you create strategic plans that contain realistic actions that will take you from your present position/condition to your desired destination. Mind you, having a plan and contingency plans won’t automatically push you to greatness.
Dear friend, YOU MUST ACT YOUR PLANS. You have to follow the steps, trust the process, be brave, be courageous and always motivate yourself because the world won’t motivate you, you owe it to yourself.
When you’re weak, tired, frustrated, or confused, go back to your plans and peruse it, if you’ve hit a dead end, jump to your contingency plans and begin to execute.
Remember, it took Thomas Edison the American inventor to fail 1000 times on the Light Bulb Project before getting it right. Most times, our journey to greatness won’t be a straight path. Failure is part of the journey and when we fail, we must re-strategise and try again because if we quit because we failed 1 time or two, others won’t quit, they will keep trying until they win. This act is why losers lose and winners win.
Whichever direction we find ourselves we have to stick with our plans, focus our attention on the end goal (the big picture and the desired destination) and most importantly we must believe that if anyone had gone through this process before and succeeded, then we can do it too.
Dear change maker, I know there’s something about you that is different and special. It’s time! to go all in, stay strong and keep shooting for the stars.
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Thanks ♡ #peace #DifReality Israel Victor Babarinde | https://difreality.com


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