Wow! how I admire this lady, so zealous, fervent, friendly, pretty, and purpose-driven. How I wish I too can impact lives like her” Kate said pressing her phone while checking through her Facebook wall.

Who are you talking about” Jaiye asks with curiosity?

It’s this lady called Emeka Chioma. Do you know her?

Who won’t know Chioma? A lady of great value, I know her very well; in fact, I followed all her social media handles; I do follow all her write-ups and videos back to back, so enriching and life-transforming.

“Yes! Same here. But how I wish I too can impact lives just like Chioma does” Kate said jokingly.

You can, of course, we all know how melodious your voice is and the uncountable numbers of advice that have been given to you; to at least take a step but what was always your response? “I don’t have time”, My question for you is “When will you have time” Jaiye asked

I will, very soon” Kate replied

Hmmm! Jaiye sighed and call Kate’s name thrice.


“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”

In the journey of life, there are times in life that one will have a desire to do something or achieve a goal; but due to some circumstances or one stronghold called “PROCRASTINATION,” those wishes will not come to pass or tarry before achieving such goals or desires.

“I will do it” are common words that come with the question “When will you do it? it is left for the person to decide.

WHEN is a common word used nowadays just like you see someone progressing in life and the next word that came out of your mouth is “GOD WHEN?”

“WHEN” Is an answer which demands a specification that should follow “I WILL DO IT” and it requires action, but the inability to act it out is called PROCRASTINATION

Procrastination is a “deadly disease” and a ” destiny destroyer”. There is an adage that says do the right thing at the right time but it is unfortunate that some people still do not understand the adage.

Before asking God when; ask yourself this particular question; am I doing the right thing that will make God want to crown my efforts?

It is when you are diligent, hardworking, determined, and moving towards achieving a particular goal that is when God will bless whatsoever you lay your hands on.

Unfortunately, some will say God does not love them all because their mates are progressing whereas they are lazy and ignorant.

WAKE UP! from your slumber, make a rightful decision and act it up.

It’s never too late to emerge; the sky is your limit.

Avoid I will do it without specifications of when to carry out the assignment.

Start with the little you have!!!!!!!!!!

Remember as you are praying for opportunities; it is expected of you to prepare for opportunities.

Don’t be lazy; get up now and start something.



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