Dear Human of the Social Media : You’ve got mail!

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Dear human of the social media community,
You are very beautiful/handsome and everyone on your media is shooting shots at you, you’ve taken so many shots that you are running short on your freedom of sight to clearly see the right pathway to your future. You used to be guided and you had a direction.

Dearly beloved, what happened to those big dreams of yours?
You’ve lost yourself and got caught up in the sweet and smooth words under your pictures and in your DM. Hence, your source of happiness is tied to social media. Wake up!

There used to be a time you were fired up for greatness, you were just yourself and growing into who God wants you to be. It’s different now. You’re chasing shadows and living someone else’s life.
When in goes bad, you blame God and everyone.
When it goes well you praise yourself.
There were times your creator sent boredom so you can have time to think about yourself, your dreams, your past, your present and your future so you could change for the better. Unfortunately, u didn’t fall for it, u found a way out and fell back into your addiction.

Dear you, there’s always a today and a tomorrow as long as there’s still Breath in you.
We both know death is inevitable and life is short (obviously it will take a miracle to be 900 yrs). Everyday is an opportunity to be better and do better. I know you want to be great, wealthy, popular and accomplished.
Yes you can! But you have to change your environment if you want to change your life. If you want to become a better person, you should think good thoughts and surround yourself with people who embody the characteristics you desire.

If you need help in fixing your mind and getting your mind in the right direction, please send me a message @ wa.me/2349028476560 or m.me/ivicbrand

You can also listen to my podcast >>> https://difreality.com/artists/ivicbrand/

Much Love from me to you.


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