Plan A is what we dream of.
The perfect path to success and love.
But what if things don’t go as planned,
And obstacles arise, unplanned?

That’s where Plan B comes in,
A backup plan that can begin,
To help us reach our desired end,
And not let failure break or bend.

It’s not a sign of weakness to have a backup plan,
It’s smart to have one to lend a hand,
When life takes an unexpected turn,
And we’re left feeling lost and burned.

Plan B is not a sign of defeat,
It’s an option we have to meet,
Our goals and aspirations true,
And make sure our dreams come through.

So don’t be afraid to have a Plan B,
It’s a safety net for you and me,
To keep us on the path of success,
And reach our goals with happiness and less stress.

A backup plan doesn’t mean giving up,
Or abandoning our dreams and hopes,
It’s a tool to help us adapt and adjust,
And find a new way to cope.

We never know what life may bring,
But having a Plan B can make us sing,
With confidence and peace of mind,
That we can overcome any bind.

So dream big and aim high,
But remember to always try,
To have a backup plan in place,
To help us win life’s unpredictable race.

In the end, it’s not about Plan A or B,
But about staying strong and being free,
To pursue our dreams and live our best life,
And find joy in the journey, through any strife


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