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Gbas gbos was the sound we hear and everybody screamed!!!!

It was a trailer that landed on a sixteen-sitter passenger bus all because the driver of the bus overtake the trailer.

A trailer was on its lane with a gallop ahead and there is this untiled path beside the tiled road. It was this untiled path that the bus took forgetting that there is gallop ahead of the trailer or with the mindset of, I am an expert.

As the bus is speeding off the trailer bent while climbing the gallop and the trailer driver lose control. Gbam! the trailer landed on the sixteen passengers bus and the rest was a story.

Now, who was at fault? The bus driver or the trailer driver?

It’s the bus driver of course.

My question now is, why do some drivers derive pleasure in wasting lives with their lack of patience? WHY?

The incident was a sad one because many lost their lives while some are being rushed to the hospital.

Indeed, most of our roads here in Nigeria are not well planned, in that there are few alternative routes to take during traffic congestion but overtaking should be reduced.

Overtaking is one of the common bad driving behavior even in local areas without exemption of any kind either bus, car, tricycle, and bicycle; even trailer self dey overtake.

I want to show them that I am an expert driver. Hmmm! Oga, who are you showing?

Why should I be crawling like snail when I have a brain? Well done, Mr. horse that can run.

Gone are those days when one will be sleeping inside a public bus especially if you are passing through those corner roads.

Or do you still sleep inside the bus😂?

In some cases, some passengers have prevented some accidents from happening because they won’t stop shouting at the top of their voices that they are not rushing, and the driver will get no choice but to drive slowly or limit overtaking.

Yes! my candid advice to everyone is don’t keep shut whenever you notice your driver is driving recklessly. You get the voice!!!!!!

Many drivers also fail to adhere to simple traffic and driving rules and regulations.

Sometimes you see drivers who drive in the opposite direction of a road thereby endangering their lives and that of others.

To our Oga drivers, please adhere to rules and regulations governing driving🙏

Please let reduce accidents in our country and loss of lives.

Non-adherence to lane driving and overtaking in a wrong manner is RISKY.



~Akanni Oluwatoyin Aduragbemi
(Product of Grace)


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