Dear you! Don’t be afraid

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Life will continue to be life, it is what it is.
Nothing good will come easy especially if you find yourself in an African Country.
Some things will appear impossible until you take the first step.
Don’t be afraid to take the first step.
There’s nothing impossible. Really! All things are possible.
Get your mind in the right direction.
Be a forward thinking individual.
Be a force, let your presence be felt.
Don’t be ruled by impulse, be in charge of your mind.
Be in charge of your thoughts.
Be in charge of your feelings.
Don’t be blind to the little details in life, they can make or mar you.
You can’t be where you want to be without leaving where you are behind.
Sometimes you can’t get what you want to get without giving up what you have.
Some people and some things will show up in your life to teach you a lesson that will shape you and form you into a person that will be compatible with the future that God has prepared for you.
Don’t despise little beginning, you need it to have a solid foundation.
Don’t despise your moment of shame, it is an opportunity to get prepared for your moments of fame.


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