Dear 20something, it’s time for resolutions.

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Dear 20something, the world you find yourself is in short supply of common sense, if you meet 50 people, hardly will you find 10 with common sense.
The remaining 40 will be toxic, self-centered and foolish because they have inherited a faulty reality from childhood. Hence, they will never see the world and everything in it the way a normal person does.
Ask for their opinions on matters and hear the nonsense that comes from the abundance of their hearts.
Go into business /relationship with them and watch them destroy everything good in it.

There’s a thing called foresight, it is not gotten from birth. However, few people in your world have managed to develop their mind and sight beyond ordinary and it works for them.
It is the ability to project into the future with its present indicators and envision a future reality with 99% chance of coming to pass.
These people are the ones that go through life without fear of unknown and it always appear as though they have it all sorted out.
When you find these people, network with them and let them guide you. They are valuable.

Look! the universe doesn’t have abundance of good people who wants their circle to succeed together. If you are tired of your everyday reality in your circle, why not be the change you seek?
New year is almost here and a lot of resolutions will be made, if you can observe the times, you made resolutions last year that you will lead a better life and detoxify your circle, you actually tried to make a move towards it but hey! It was futile, why! It’s because you listened to the wrong people/person, counted the cost and repainted the Building of your life instead of renovation/remodeling if necessary. It appeared new only on the outside.

At this point, I want you to know that we are in this together.

We will make it, I mean we will make new resolutions as usual, but this time around it will be different. Let’s make it realistic, intentional, a must-do and personal.
I mean making it SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and anchored within a Time Frame.)
No jokes! It is a Pen and Paper thing and we will have to pen them down, paste it on our walls/ at the back of our Doors if possible (desperation – but let’s also put privacy into consideration).

Reward yourself for achieving any of your Goals.
Often in life people don’t reward you for things you do to/for them. The case is different now, this is personal and you have to motivate yourself to achieve the next and the next after that.

There will always be Milestones in your life as you age, you will always have a reason to set new Goals as life changes fast. Hence, you need motivation.

RightFam! I believe in you.

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