Sexual Purity Day: Dearly beloved Brother, you’ve got Mail

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Bro, let’s talk about those young girls in your DM, some are confused and lost, thinking they understand what’s going on and are in love.
You know it, yet you enjoy messing with their mind all in the name of being a spiritual father figure or do I say zaddy. You sex-chat with them and you call it your weakness.
Not only that, but you’ve made several attempts to arouse them, so you could get them laid. They respect you and couldn’t speak up even after you threatened them. You made them believe they need to know how to kiss since they have nice lips, and you told them kissing you doesn’t change anything. ….

Bro kini, you know exactly what you’re doing, you know the codes you’re writing within the IDE of those innocent minds.
People see you, they know this is an appearance of evil but luckily for you, you have your specially curated speech and arguments for anyone that try to call your attention to the fire your call a flower that you’re playing with. They know it will one day burn your hands, but you are too wise in your foolishness.
God placed you in a position to impact positively into the lives of those young girls, but you couldn’t get your mind in the right direction, you became distracted.

There’s no weakness that becomes an act without the players going through at least 5 seconds of thought.
Weakness is defined as a lack of strength or a character flaw, or something that you cannot resist.
If you cannot resist a thing that is bad for you. You should learn how to run.
Sometimes you need to develop fear around the subject or the act.
When your Weakness is right there face to face with you, the fear will be triggered, it will then be easy to Forsake Everything And Run (FEAR).

Dear friend, don’t let your sexual urge, impulse and Instant gratification rob you of common sense.
There’s a legal procedure to everything.
Look! Let’s set it straight, I know you want to have sex, kiss and foreplays (a set of emotionally and physically intimate acts between two people meant to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity) ?
Great! All you have to do is get *MARRIED*. It is that simple. It becomes difficult and all wrong when you’re trying to cheat the system and the norm.

Some adults hate to say this, but it is the truth.
If you’re single, matured (emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially and any *ally) and you’re of marriageable age (18 years-old and 18+ for Nigeria) there’s nothing stopping you from kick-starting the legal/right process that leads to marriage.
However, if you have fears either known or unknown, you have to deal with the fears and develop yourself all round to meet up with the definition of a responsible adult.
Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

On a lighter note before we get busy.
Shebi you want to practice what married adults do. Bro, go and marry. There’s no shortcut here. I wish there was another sane way for you though.

Confused? Ask of God and open your eyes after the prayer. Not dating apps.
Still confused? Pray again.
How? The same way you prayed and asked for all you had/have since you became aware of a reality called life.



If you need help in fixing your mind and getting your mind in the right direction, please send me a message by clicking any of the below links @ wa.me/2349028476560 or m.me/ivicbrand

You can also listen to my podcast >>> https://difreality.com/artists/ivicbrand/

#peace ✌
I am Israel Victor Babarinde and I care about your sanity.


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