Israel Victor Babarinde

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An enterprise design idealist, a motivational speaker, seasoned writer, and a strategic manager who grooms talented young people, and help them manage their creativity for hatching 21st-century solutions.

  • Plan A is what we dream of.
    The perfect path to success and love.
    But what if things don’t go as planned,
    And obstacles arise, unplanned?

    That’s where Plan B comes in,
    A backup plan that can begin,
    To help us reach our desired end,
    And not let failure break or bend.

    It’s not a sign of weakness to have a backup plan,
    It’s smart to have one to lend a hand,
    When life takes an unexpected turn,
    And we’re left feeling lost and burned.

    Plan B is not a sign of defeat,
    It’s an option we have to meet,
    Our goals and aspirations true,
    And make sure our dreams come through.

    So don’t be afraid to have a Plan B,
    It’s a safety net for you and me,
    To keep us on the path of success,
    And reach our goals with happiness and less stress.

    A backup plan doesn’t mean giving up,
    Or abandoning our dreams and hopes,
    It’s a tool to help us adapt and adjust,
    And find a new way to cope.

    We never know what life may bring,
    But having a Plan B can make us sing,
    With confidence and peace of mind,
    That we can overcome any bind.

    So dream big and aim high,
    But remember to always try,
    To have a backup plan in place,
    To help us win life’s unpredictable race.

    In the end, it’s not about Plan A or B,
    But about staying strong and being free,
    To pursue our dreams and live our best life,
    And find joy in the journey, through any strife

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    Ever taken a closer look at yourself and the struggles you have overcome and the times God had taught you some hard lessons, and you went straight down on your knees and say thank you Jesus for all that you’ve given and all you’ve taken.
    Be grateful to God for all you got and all you lost. Remember! His thoughts towards you are of good and not of evil to give you an expected end, this expected end may not come through the signs and the process that you have always imagined. Most times, it won’t obey the laws of this world but when God launches you into your expected end, it won’t only shock you but you will be grateful for all the times God took you through pain, through the disappointments and through the tunnels.
    Sometimes God will back off and let life shape you so that when he steps in, you will appreciate him and value his presence in your storm.
    No matter what you’re going through or what is going through you, don’t forget to have a conversation with God today, most importantly remember to say thank you Jesus today for all you’ve done in my life, for all that you will do today, tomorrow and in the future.

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