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A Question of When

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It is not a question of if, it is a Question of WHEN and the answer is NOW!

It all starts in the head and in the mind.
You were born to make things happen.⁣⁣
You are stronger than you think.⁣⁣
You are a leader, not a follower.⁣⁣
There’s much energy and vibe within you that is yet to be released.⁣⁣
You’re a complete image of God.⁣⁣
His attributes are what you possess.
Though you flourish in praise and not in criticism, it doesn’t mean you’re weak.⁣⁣
You are an accurate blueprint of the nature of God.⁣⁣
Though your days are numbered and full of struggles till success.⁣⁣
You owe it to yourself and the generations to come.⁣⁣
Fight through the obstacles.⁣⁣
Jump every hurdle.⁣⁣
Break every boundary and surpass limitations.⁣⁣
Climb the highest Mountain.⁣⁣
Move the Mountains you cannot climb.
Swim your way through the oceans of life.⁣⁣
Crash into everything, and do all in your ability to get to your destined place.⁣⁣
Claim everything you were created to have.⁣⁣
Crawl if you have to.⁣⁣
Run if that’s the only way forward.⁣⁣
Go through it, knowing that quitting is not an option.⁣⁣
Build a brighter world, a better nation.⁣
Raise mighty men like yourself, the nation builders.⁣⁣
Lead them!⁣⁣
Teach them to see positive side of pain, failure, and challenges.⁣⁣
Raise them to understand that a smooth sail doesn’t make a skillful sailor.⁣
Make them know that if it were easy, everyone would do it.
Make them understand the concept of Time, Life, failure, and Success.⁣⁣
Teach them to develop the mindset of a winner who’s ready to be relentless in the pursuit of dreams, vision, and goals.
Lead a Community, a family that understands that success is for those with the determination to set out on a seemingly impossible mission.⁣⁣
Those who are ready to fail 1000 times believing that if Thomas Edison was able to succeed, they too will.⁣⁣

So! Ambassador
It’s show time.⁣⁣
It is not a question of if, it is a question of WHEN.⁣⁣
And the answer is NOW!


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