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Good afternoon to our people home and abroad, this is an emergency news coming to your hearing from Dignity FM 247.5. My name is Bewaji Olaosebikan.

It was reported that a full 18-seater bus somersaulted this afternoon along Lagos to Ibadan road. The accident was vital, where it was said that some people died instantly while some are been rushed to the hospital. Listen to the full details of the news” Bewaji reported.


“Please help me check on my daughter, is she alive? Did you carry her?” were the questions coming out of one of the passenger’s mouth who was also a victim of the accident(woman precisely) after she has been revived.

“Calm down woman; let’s treat you first, your daughter will be fine” The doctor said while stitching the wound on her body (Although he was not sure if the daughter she asking for is alive or not).

Yeeee!!! (she groans in pain) please I want to see her, please let me set my eye on her” The woman replied constantly and won’t stop shouting in her pain.

The doctor assured her about the wellbeing of her daughter after stitching her wounded body, leaving her ward; yet the woman did not stop shouting, asking for her daughter.

Please is there any small girl among the victims of the accident” The doctor asked the receptionist?

Yes, Sir. “Few children were involved but they are in the children’s ward,” The receptionist replied.

(The doctor left for the children’s ward)

Good afternoon, I am here to check if all the children involved in the accident were responding to treatments” The doctor asked.

“They are all responding to treatment except one girl among them whose leg was amputated in the motion of the accident, she has not been responding to the treatment,” The Doctor in charge of the children answered.

Please try your possible best to revive the girl because there is one woman there, who will not stop shouting, asking for her daughter and we don’t know who her daughter is among the children” The doctor in charge of the woman said and left to his ward.

In the long run, it was later discovered that the girl whose leg was amputated in the motion of the accident was the daughter of the woman shouting. All glory to God, the girl was revived.

An attempt was made to look out for the amputated leg at the scene of the accident but it was too late because the leg has started decaying.


The story above is my story, AKANNI OLUWATOYIN ADURAGBEMI.

I know many have some unanswered questions in their heart about me like👇

What happened to her leg? Was it an accident? When did it happen? Where was she coming from?

Here is the answer👇

Even though there are mysteries behind the accident.

We were coming from a program in a full-loaded 18-sitter bus that consists of many families.

Gbam! the accident happened and the rest was history.

Many died instantly, some were severely injured while two people’s leg was amputated including mine the other person was an old woman. Is God not worthy of my praise? Truly Oluwatoyin in my life, even when prayer won’t cease to help me (Aduragbemi indeed).

Hmmm!!! I was just four years old, going to five years when the incident happened. We spent seven to eight months in the hospital before we are discharged.

I never remember that I’ve once used my two legs all because the memory was not there in me or let me say when I blanked out, the memory was erased😊

After the incident, life continues till l reach the stage where I am now and life still goes on.

The reality of the accident is a day-to-day experience to me and I HAVE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT IT HAS PLEASED THE LORD TO MAKE ME WHO I AM TO GLORIFY HIMSELF IN MY LIFE.

I can boldly say I’m an embodiment of God’s mercy, favor, and love; I also want to thank God for preserving and helping me in the journey of life because it hasn’t been easy but He is always there to come through for me 🙇‍♂️🙏

The scene of me being blanked out and not responding to treatment before God restored life to my body is a message to me that “THERE IS CERTAINLY A PURPOSE FOR MY EXISTENCE.

Even though the journey has not been palatable but I won’t stop until I reach the peak. I will keep on moving till the reason for my existence is fulfilled.

The reason behind sharing this story is not to pity me because I’ve not seen any reason to pity myself.

But to give hope to someone out there that there is a reason God has made you that way. YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE.

What was the cause of the accident? RECKLESS DRIVING

This will lead me to a challenge on ” RECKLESS DRIVING”.



©Akanni Oluwatoyin Aduragbemi


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